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The more you bundle, the more you save!


Bundlefun.com, todaysbundle.com and several others are part of a collaboration initiated by Vital Connections Inc. and its affiliates. This site has brought together several products and services to benefit all consumers. We have assembled various products and services to allow consumers to possess these items at affordable rates. SavingHomesAcrossAmerica.com was the driving force for this program; SHAA focuses on the family and home life with hopes of fostering a positive quality of life. The offerings consists of things we need and should have as part of our familys’ quality of life. We have negotiated very aggressive rates to bring you affordable and thorough product bundles.

 Buying what you need and getting what you want!

       The products include; restaurant discounts, movie tickets, gift cards, books, getaways and home saving tips – along with special gifts and possible financial winfalls*.


*SavingHomesAcrossAmerica – A site for home and family saving tips and resources, gifts (DVD players, Movie tickets, etc.) and a chance to be rent/mortgage free for 12 months. (SavingHomesAcrossAmerica.com)


Product bundling is combining two or more products or services together, creating differentiation, greater value and therefore enhancing the offering to the customer. Bundling is based on the idea that consumers value the grouped package more than the individual items.

       Some bundles can retail starting at $175.00 separately  and could would offer it for $100.00! Now that is a deal! We try to make spending fun! We strive to bring smiles to consumers, one household at a time!



“The Real Deal”


Real products – Real people – Real value



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